Cat Puzzles and Mazes


Black Cat Maze print and play
Cat 3D Maze good 3-D fun
Cat and Mouse
print and play
Cat Concentration match the cards
Cats Crossword Puzzle not too tough
Cat Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery 17 puzzles, pick your puzzle cut

Cat Match It Puzzle match the cards in less than 40 moves
Cat Maze a 2-D challenge
Cat Sliding Puzzle can you figure it out?
Catch the Mouse Maze print and play
Cute Cats Puzzles 2 puzzles, the name says it all
Kitty Concentration match the cards to find the cats
Kriens Katten 9 sliding puzzles
"Magic the Kitty" Puzzle 90 piece puzzle - too much for us
Moggy Memory Game match card game from the UK
The Cat's Concentration Game Dr. Seuss match it game
Tiger Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery a dozen tiger puzzles, pick your puzzle cut
what about cats puzzle collection


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